"Success and failure are not big events. They’re a series of small decisions".



About Ken

Passionate and engaging, Ken Gulliver is a keynote speaker, consultant and author who has made it his mission to empower individuals to financially prosper. Ken brings practical solutions to personal finance by helping people find money they didn’t think they had and save money they didn’t think they could with a holistic approach.

His goal is to create positive and real financial changes in people’s lives. His vision is to solve the great household financial crisis by offering coaching programs and educational workshops geared to achieve financial freedom.


Ken offers keynote speeches, financial workshops and online webinars.

There are millions more people unprepared for retirement today than a short 25 years ago. In other words, traditional financial services is broken.

There is too much selling and not enough empowerment when it comes to personal finance. The fact is: It's better to live in the discomfort of your abilities than the comfort of your disabilities.


  • Why it’s important to know why you want money.
  • Why being sold a financial product may make you poor.
  • Culprits robbing your financial success and how to keep them in check.
  • Why budgeting doesn’t work and how to fix it.
  • How your struggles of the past have not defined you but, prepared you for a great financial future.
  • The importance of being a planning-centric household.
  • How marketing is giving you more options to fail.
  • Steps you need to synthesize the overwhelming and contradictory financial advice you see, hear and take.

Fun, Inspirational & Passionate Financial Speaker

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Who is Ken Gulliver?

With an extensive background in financial services over 20 years in RIAs, Broker Dealers, Insurance agencies and alternative investments, Ken has always been in the top ranks of his peers.

Founder of UGRU Financial Coaching, Ken’s passion to help people has always been an intrinsic part of his persona and after twenty years as a financial advisor; he realized that the financial services industry is simply not built to help the masses which is why there are so individuals and families grossly underserved or simply ignored altogether.

Ken provides not only personal finance online courses and one-on-one sessions; he has also developed a unique Financial Coach Training where individuals and professionals who love helping others are able to: master coaching engagement, convey complex financial matters in a simple way and run and coaching business from A-Z

Ken hosted “Retirement Depot Radio Show” and is author of “The Unrivaled Advisor” and co-author of “Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation”. He is Co-founder of World Financial Group as well as founder of Retirement Depot RIA, which became a million dollar per year financial practice in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A native Arizonian now living in Raleigh, North Carolina; Ken is a proud Marine Corps Veteran with a witty and fun approach to life. You can find Ken at the gym and listening to some of his favorite motivational speakers daily. Above all, he enjoys staying active in community with friends, neighbors and church working each new day to become a better version of himself.


"Having sound finances starts at making sound financial decisions." - Ken

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