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The Spiritual Side of Money

  • 60 minutes of life changing financial breakthroughs.
  • 10 Financial and Life Coaching lessons right away!
  • Strategies, tools, knowledge, tips and resources (this is a hands-on and results oriented course).  
  • Coaching sessions at your own pace, anywhere! 
  • 1 hour of Live Coaching with your Financial Coach.
  • Quizzes and Final Assessment.
  • Potentially add over $400 per month in your pocket immediately!

Module 1: "Your Why"

You will discover how to:

  • Use your talents, passions, skills and values to create your purpose with money and eradicate your limiting money beliefs.
  • Break through the invisible barrier that seems to keep you from breakout success.

Module 2: "Letting Go"

You will discover how to:

  • Work less and have more.
  • Tap into abundance you didn’t think you had.
  • Exercise accountability even if accountability has been a challenge.
  • Harness the true and often misunderstood power of attracting wealth.
  • Stop trading the things you truly value for the imitation life we are constantly sold. After this course you will find it infinitely easier to maintain the right path when most everyone else has long given up on their “New Year's Resolution”. It’s easier than you think!

Module 3: "Ensuring Your Success"

You will discover:

  • The steps you need to take to ensure you have more than just brief success with money.
  • How to tap into your happiness trifecta.
  • How to make some great spare-time money and to find tax write-offs you may not currently enjoy that can add over $400 per month in your pocket immediately!

"Ken helped us into a home and pay off debt we didn't think was possible."

William & Bobbie J Smith
Las Vegas, NV

"Ken saved me from losing half my retirement savings!"

Office Assistant - Goodyear, AZ

"Ken saved me 10's of thousands. But more than that, he always had my best interest at heart - he REALLY cared."

Business Owner

"Ken is the only one I've really trusted with my finances."

Jeff S.

"Ken protected me from losing my 401k."

John Roberts

"Wonderful coaching! If only I had followed ALL of it earlier."

Suzanne G.
Las Vegas Performer

"Very authentic, has the power to disturb the status quo."

Tim M.
Financial Advisor

"Ken gave my first money lessons that have served me well over 20 years!"


"What UGRU offers is worth many times what they charge."

Timothy K.
CPA - New Jersey

Meet your Coach, Ken Gulliver

Financial Coach | Author | Motivational Speaker

For twenty-five years Ken has been a top quintile advisor at Merrill Lynch and a top 1% Investment Advisor (by revenue) in the United States.   

He is battle proven, calling the downturn of 2008 for his clients, and warns of the next that is upon us in his third hard-hitting book, Right Where They Want You: Why You're Not Rich and What to Do about It.

But, more than that, multiple awards showcase his dedication to the people he serves. Until now, you’ve only been sold the dream by “financial actors”.

Ken has made it his mission to empower you to financially prosper. His goal is to create positive and real financial changes in your life and is committed to helping you live financially free.

$1,000's of tax write-offs and potentially $400 per month in your pocket immediately!

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We are certain you'll love the Spiritual Side of Money Course and we are confident it will exceed your expectations!

If however you are not satisfied upon completing the full course and passing the final assessment, we will issue you a refund within 30 days of purchase. Just send us an email to [email protected] to request your refund. No hassle guarantee!


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